Last Supper

Using Da Vinci’s Last Supper I wished to illustrate within my work the emotional journey that sufferers of major illnesses can face or feel; to inform the viewer on the effects of Encephalitis; a condition where the brain physically swells within the skull, increasing pressure of the cerebral and spinal fluids causing brain damage. My own experience of this illness caused the brain to swell so much it split the meninges causing meningitis, strokes, blood poisoning, blindness and coma. Upon awakening I had lost all my memory, social skills, was blind and paralysed. Although I now look ‘normal’ to the outside world, I can face challenges every day that many are unaware of.

The fact that it is universally recognised and is a composition that can contain more than one trait/character/facet of an identity/individual The Last Supper was the perfect vehicle to portray my message..

last supper of encephalitis
Difficulty moving, unconsciousness, blindness, dual personalities, assault. anger, fear, shock and deaf all apear

Each character presents a stage, encounter or emotion connected to the healing process.



Photographer Paul Wicks BA (HONS) is an established and qualified  freelancer with a number of credits (not that that should EVER be just enough) a member of the Association of Photographers (AOP), Kodakit (Professional network service for photographers vetted by Kodak) and Photographers United; assuring you his best efforts to ensure you get the images YOU, the client want.

He has worked alongside the NHS, Kent County Council and a number of other companies, organisations and independant clients. As a student ambassador he has supported photography students at UCA for 4 years, assisting in training and development. He has been published in various magazines, won prizes and been nominated for awards such as the MACK photobook prize 2019.

He has regularly exhibited in London & Kent for projects ranging from vintage yesterdays to mental health. Mentored numerous students wishing to become a photographer themselves including special needs, first publication in 2018 ‘What I Remember About Forgetting”.

He has worked for, and alongside high profile photographers and academics including Sally Waterman, Chris Coekin, Jason Dee & Ori Gersht. Invigilated exhibitions including Shaun Stamp and Wolfgang Tillmans for the Tate Modern and carries out public speaking on on the subjects of mental health, photography and education.

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