The juxtaposition sufferers of brain damage feel as they attempt to integrate into social circles is represented in the dual technologies between MRI and the Cyanotype process. Real images of sufferers from across the world, show Encephalitis does not respect geographical, gender

Last Supper

Last Supper Using Da Vinci’s Last Supper I wished to illustrate within my work the emotional journey that sufferers of major illnesses can face or feel; to inform the viewer on the effects of Encephalitis; a condition where the brain physically swells


The very first independent project I undertook after my A level all those years ago. The image represents freedom of the past, and hope towards a brighter future. After years of struggling against a brain condition I finally felt healthy and free

Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter Parenting Darkness combining with a children’s playground alters the context of a normally innocent area; in order to represent the current state of ‘Helicopter Parenting’ where parents constantly hover around their children in fear of unseen dangers.  Are these dangers real,

MACK Photobook Nominated

MACK Photobook Nominated – What I Remember About Forgetting.  MACK Photobook Prize nominated, this project/book is based upon my own memories from within a coma. ‘What I remember about forgetting’ was displayed at both UCA Rochester and Eye Candy exhibition, Candid Arts

Vanitas Plastic, Fantastic?

Vanitas Plastic, Fantastic? Combining imagery based on the ‘Dutch Masters’ Vanitas with recreations built in plastic, this work in progress recreates classical works highlighting the use of plastics and its devastating effects on the world via the current disposal methods.