Commissioned Artwork

A local bar/club commissioned artwork for their walls. The brief was quite simple:  ‘splashes of liquid splashes from glasses and tumblers’. 

The images were created by building a specific waterproof studio environment in order to protect equipment from water splashes, the shoot took two days to complete, editing was kept to a minimum as it was important to get the shots correct ‘in camera’. This ensures less time in post and a faster delivery to clients.

Prints were created at Spectrum photographic using high quality aluminium backing in order to stand up to the rigour of ‘bar life’, sales of gin and tonic rose by 17% after these photographs were installed; illustrating the power of a ‘simple’ photograph on consumers.

The final prints were over 2 metres tall and are on display till this day and were also used for marketing purposes on social media and posters near the venue.


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Photographer Paul Wicks is an established and qualified  freelancer with a number of credits (not that that should EVER be just enough) a member of the Association of Photographers (AOP), Kodakit (Professional network service for photographers vetted by Kodak) and Photographers United; assuring you his best efforts to ensure you get the images YOU, the client want.

Qualified Bachelor of Arts at UCA Rochester, currently completing a Masters Degree; he has worked alongside the NHS, Kent County Council and a number of other companies, organisations and independant clients.

He has regularly exhibited in London & Kent for projects ranging from vintage yesterdays to mental health. Mentored numerous students wishing to become a photographer themselves including special needs, first publication in 2018 ‘What I Remember About Forgetting”, first major show Saatchi Galleries London as part of exhibition ‘Show you know’ (2016).

Paul can be booked via direct contact, KodakitInstagramTwitter or phone on +44 758121404

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