Instagram feed feed of both my work and, my adventures in photography including the amazing people the I meet along the way, displayed on my instagram feed. Please feel free to follow my work or for any questions contact me here.


I use an Apple Iphone 7 for mobile shots and a range of Nikon DSLR cameras including my trusty (and old) D90, D7000, D7100, D610 and D750.

My Instagram feeds include my professional work, but also my personal account too; I feel my personality and ability to build rapport with clients is a major reason I gain return clients and recommendations via word of mouth. My personal feed gives you an insight of not only the images I produce, but also the type of person I may be, the life I live and the people I share that life with. I’m a dedicated father, partner, friend and mentor to many people, both personally and professionally; my clients often become part of that life. A fact I am very proud of.

Through my journey in photography I have met and worked for some wonderful, talented and influential individuals such as John – Christian Jaques, Peter Dench, Ori Gersht, Jason Dee and Chris Coekin, whom all appear on my instagram feed in one form or another.

Heike Lowenstein, Professor Francis Summers & Ellen Nolan have all assisted me in gaining knowledge and furthering my carer; these respected photographers and academics have  and continue to work for publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair & Cosmopolitan. Many of their papers on photography have been included in British Photography Journal and photomonitor to name a few.

I have also worked alongside some outstanding photography students from the University of Creative Arts ( UCA ) Rochester, whom I regularly publicise.