Landscape Photography

The Shard London, Sheerwater in Wiltshire and Herne Bay in Kent have all been included in my prize winning landscape photography.

I enjoyed my time at the shard watching London turn from day to night, the sun going down and the stars slowly appearing through the cloud cover and light pollution. I discovered the view at Herne Bay in Kent and had to return 5 times in order to get the right lighting for the final prize winning shot. Sheerwater was a long journey, but it had the exact details that I required at the time for High Density Range (HDR) photography and scenery for the shots required by the client. The additional photographs were included in an exhibition at Nucleus Arts Maidstone, where I was very fortunate to sell a number of limited edition prints.

Landscape photography
London at night
Landscape photography
Herne Bay, Kent


I have chosen to only show a small amount of landscape photography on my online portfolio however, if you require additional imagery or require dedicated landscape photographers I have a number of established and talented Landscape Photographers to call upon if required. Please get in touch with your brief and a estimate or introduction can be organised with no obligation whatsoever by clicking here.