Music Photographer

Music, its a real passion for me; as a music photographer¬† I began working at small venues for local bands and slowly worked my way up to larger venues, festivals and promotions. I have built excellent rapport with clients over the years, working with many on more than one occasion. At times I have met acts whilst working for festival organisers only to be adopted as “official photographer’ by the bands themselves. I have as a music photographer for and at festivals such as Shiine On 90’s weekenders, Forgotten Fields Festival, Maidstone Fringe Festival and the Dartford summer and christmas festivals on regular occasion.¬†

 have photographed high profile bands such as De La Soul, Shaun Ryder and Black Grape, Dodgy, EMF, Razorlite, Super Furry animals and many more. Up and coming acts have included I am Aquitaine, TJ Palamar, Reptillia and many more.

Shaun Ryder & Black Grape

Shiine On! Festival

De La Soul at Forgotten Fields

I am Aquitaine at Maidstone Fringe Festival

Maidstone Fringe music festival 2018

Clapham Grand

Gaz Kennedy

Funke and the Two Tone Baby

Fate The Juggler ‘on tour’

Fate the Juggler at The Clapham Grand

Reptillia the band

T J Palamar

Fate The Juggler at The 100 Club, Oxford St, London

Jah Wobble

I very much enjoying capturing ‘the’ shot and have been fortunate enough to be published in WOW magazine and R2 Music magazine. The lighting, performance and energy of music photography produces a raw emotional element not seen in many other formats.

I have had photographs published on album covers by Fate the Juggler, a folk rock band and also Reptillia a indie band from Kent.

Part of a music photographers role is to build trust with the acts and allow them to feel comfortable in your presence, or even forget your’e there entirely. This trust inevitably leads to filming and producing music videos and live performance for various acts across the UK and worked in venues such as the O2, Clapham Grand, and the 100 Club Oxford street in London; a venue with a rich musical history.